A treatment based on skin rejuvenation and regeneration, LED Phototherapy is effective at improving almost all skin complaints.

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This treatment is suitable for almost all skin types, even the very sensitive. Your individual suitability will be confirmed at your pre-treatment consultation, taking into account your conditions, expected outcome and overall health.

If it is felt that this treatment will cause you any harm, our expert Doctors will not recommend you go ahead with the procedure. As with all PPP’s treatments LED Phototherapy is developed with patient safety in mind, an aspect that is taken very seriously at all our clinics.

The advances in technologies with treatments of this nature have evolved so far that pain is not a factor that needs to be considered. You may find this treatment to be extremely comfortable and relaxing.

Your expert Doctor will ensure you have been made fully aware of the procedure; what’s involved, how it works and whether it incurs any risks or side effects. To date, our patients report many successes without developing adverse complications following the procedure.

No downtime is to be expected from having this treatment. The procedure should not cause any disruption to your mobility and you should be able to continue with your daily activities as you wish.

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Jennifer Roundall

Jennifer Roundall

"PPP Laser Clinics has changed my life. I suffered with terrible acne for many years, and through a bespoke treatment plan combined with ongoing skincare at home, the improvement in my skin is incredible. This really is a team of true experts.”

Lucy Stansfield

Lucy Stansfield

“The Doctors at PPP really care. Not just about the result, but about the experience. I have visited many different skin specialists to help with my concerns, and PPP are the only ones who have managed to help me. Not only is my skin now clear, I also feel so much better about myself. My confidence has improved and I feel emotionally so much better, too”

News from the clinic.

News from the clinic.

Ageing skin

A woman is at her peak of original beauty when she is both mature with experience and yet still illuminates with youthful-looking skin.

26th August 2020

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