Hair is one of the unique features of each person. Healthy hair is also a reflection of overall health. But what is considered healthy hair?

Healthy hair brings a soft feeling at the first impression. At the same time, how healthy your hair is can be verified through signs such as hair roots, hair elasticity, hair loss, split ends. Unhealthy hair causes concerns about the health situation and makes it difficult for you to enjoy the beauty and new styles with your hair.


Causes of hair loss can include:
• Inherited genetic susceptibility
• Hormonal clutters
• Immune system
• Poor nutrition
• Internal and external environmental elements
• Mental disorders
• Aging
• Improper haircare

Understanding your interest in hair care, PPP Laser Clinic introduces you to our brand new hair treatment: Super Hair Growth and Rejuvenation. After long research and testing of technology and specialized hair products, the treatment is our latest result.


Treatments that are loved and suitable for the types of customers:
– Hair loss, weak hair
– Hair loss due to disease or medication
– Hair falls out a lot when combing hair
– Hair loss due to stress, stress
– Weak hair
– Hair loss due to hormonal changes

Hair treatment at PPP is developed from stem cell technology through the following mechanism:• Gently delivers the laser to the tissue, activating the scalp safely and in a controlled manner
• Cell proliferation to prolong the ANAGEN phase (active growth phase of hair follicles)
• Helps stimulate scalp and hair follicles
• Delivers an effective and safe way to the scalp, leading to increased tissue regeneration and promoting new hair follicle growth
• Nourish hair follicles
• Inhibits apoptotic markers
• Increases the absorption effect of the serum afterward


The treatment uses laser technology to stimulate the hair shaft; combined with an exclusive Calecim product extracted from stem cells to restore hair follicles, stimulate hair regrowth and stronger.

From there, the treatment penetrates profoundly and creates positive effects on the hair’s health.

– Hair loss treatment, hair loss prevention, hair follicle rejuvenation
– Stimulates blood vessel circulation in the hair follicle area
– Supports normal hair growth cycle
– Promotes longer, thicker and fuller looking hair
– Healthy scalp care

Current hair care methods may not meet your needs or understand your actual health condition. Do not hesitate to contact PPP for more specific advice on our latest treatment and give your hair an effective, premium care solution.

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