When you visit PPP we can improve your appearance from top to toe. For the face and skin our treatments can help to create a complexion that is clear, glowing and youthful. For the body we can ensure your form is sculpted and sleek. You can think of us as your personal makeover experts, who know just what is needed to give you an all over prime and polish.

We already have many treatments on our exclusive list, and in true PPP fashion we’ll continue to extend and expand.

With a new calendar year comes a fresh start, making it the perfect time to revamp your look and get yourself in tip-top condition. If you visit ppp.com.vn our website will inform you about what may be causing you a concern, and which solution is available to make an improvement. We understand our patients as real people who appreciate our caring and compassionate approach. We take each case on an individual basis, taking a holistic attitude and combining it with our unique skill-set to recommend the most beneficial procedure for you. All our procedures are designed to complement each other and they can be used to work in unison, which may help if all-over rejuvenation is desired.

To begin your overall makeover you may want to consider improving the face. We can address many common concerns associated with ageing, and the way the face and all its features change. Lines, wrinkles and sagging skin on various areas can be tightened and brightened to restore a firm, full and radiant appearance. Our treatments for the face include laser procedures to lift and rejuvenate, as well as our range of advanced skin care products. We also dedicate specific treatments especially for the eyes which can have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance, just on their own.

Next, you may want to look to improve the quality and condition of the skin, where our aim is to target the tone and texture, creating a complexion that is clear and glowing. Treatments include a series of processes which are tailored to suit the individual, and our doctors make just the right selection of procedures to give the desired end result.


And to finish your overall makeover, you may wish to remodel the body, using one of our exclusive treatments to remove stubborn fat; safely and effectively. Our range of clinically proven procedures can address a variety of areas, including: stomach, hips, thighs, back, buttocks and upper arms. And if you begin your bespoke course in January, you may find you’ll be looking and feeling great by the time spring is here.

So, come to PPP in 2022 and embark on a journey of total rejuvenation, undergoing an overall makeover for a new and improved you.

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