After a summer holiday filled with sunshine and wind, your skin can be affected by external factors. Ultraviolet rays in the sun make the skin no longer retain its inherent glow. Dust from the street makes the face lack moisture, leading to rough skin. To restore your youthfulness and smooth skin, you need intensive treatment to help solve your problems.

Skin health is always a woman’s top concern. Therefore, PPP understands that you will consider many factors, such as downtime, adverse effects, safety, etc. while searching for skin treatment. Does this treatment badly affect your health? Does it hurt? Does it take much time to fully recover? Many women do not have enough time for long-term treatment or are afraid of invasive methods.

PPP would like to introduce Rejuvenation Skin Booster, committed to using non-invasive methods. Virtually painless with short treatment time and no downtime, meeting the needs of most people in today’s hectic and fast-paced life.


Amazing results with exclusive skin nutrients

The Rejuvenation Skin Booster treatment helps to slow down the aging process and rejuvenate the skin by improving cellular tropism of the epidermis and papillary dermis. In order to fulfill customer’s expectations, PPP will provide effects after the treatment such as:

• Improving skin brightness
• Erase pigmentation, improve skin tone
• Improve hyperpigmentation
• Improving deep hydration
• Improving skin roughness (smoothening the skin)
• Protecting and repairing damage caused by UV rays.

The highlight of this treatment is that PPP uses the most advanced rejuvenating and anti-aging nutrients, containing more than 50 quality ingredients. In particular, the exclusive nutrients at PPP with safe ingredients will bring breakthrough effects and prevent the loss of collagen and elastin.

You can combine the use of Rejuvenation Skin Booster treatment with 5D Skin Rejuvenation or Ultrasound. All three treatments have one thing in common: they help rejuvenate areas of the face and neck. Besides, the treatment can restore damaged skin to external factors, improve skin condition, and increase moisture.


Safe care with PPP

You can rest assured of using the Rejuvenation Skin Booster treatment because the process is performed by our professional doctor team. We use high-quality nutrients combined with minimally invasive methods to ensure your safety.

With our intensive treatment, you will experience immediate and visible results. Your skin will be smooth and glowy thanks to natural moisturizing nutrients. The proteins penetrate into the skin to regenerate healthy young skin. After treatment, you will have restored a dream of healthy skin.

Each skin will have a different treatment regimen. To find out the most suitable solution for your skin, you can contact PPP or come to the clinic for direct advice.

The skin care process is indispensable without the care and understanding of the skin. Let PPP be a company on your journey to bring back youthfulness.

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