A natural rejuvenation of the skin is achieved through the application of skin cell renewal.

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If your skin could benefit from improving the natural regeneration of skin cells, then skin cell renewal may be recommended for you. This treatment can reduce the look of wrinkles and an uneven texture and tone of the skin through the growth of healthy new skin cells, encouraged by a gentle resurfacing of the superficial layer of the skin. A youthful and vibrant appearance can result from undergoing this safe and effective treatment.

This treatment is considered to be a very safe solution to creating a younger looking and radiant appearance. The treatment itself is made up of a variety of proven procedures that are popularly used throughout the world to improve the overall health and functioning of the skin’s replenishment processes. An expert doctor will both recommend and carry out this treatment in order to ensure patient welfare is upheld.

Resurfacing the skin through the use of a laser may produce a slight tingling sensation as it passes over the skin. This process is not intended to cause any pain or significant discomfort for the patient. The use of a serum and a post laser face mask can help to calm the skin and reduce any sensitivity that may be felt.

As peel and glow laser is one of the stages to this resurfacing treatment it may cause some shedding of the skin. This process may take a couple of days to begin and will then continue for up to 1 week. This is a normal side effect of this treatment and is necessary for old and damaged skin cells to become removed. Some itching may accompany this process and it is important to resist the urge to pick at the shedding skin.

Although peeling skin should not look too severe it is to be expected as a result of this treatment. Aside from any aesthetic concerns that this stage of the treatment may lead to, it will not inhibit you from continuing with your usual routine should you wish to do so.

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Jennifer Roundall

Jennifer Roundall

"PPP Laser Clinics has changed my life. I suffered with terrible acne for many years, and through a bespoke treatment plan combined with ongoing skincare at home, the improvement in my skin is incredible. This really is a team of true experts.”

Lucy Stansfield

Lucy Stansfield

“The Doctors at PPP really care. Not just about the result, but about the experience. I have visited many different skin specialists to help with my concerns, and PPP are the only ones who have managed to help me. Not only is my skin now clear, I also feel so much better about myself. My confidence has improved and I feel emotionally so much better, too”

News from the clinic.

News from the clinic.

Ageing skin

A woman is at her peak of original beauty when she is both mature with experience and yet still illuminates with youthful-looking skin.

26th August 2020

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