The coming new year makes us all excited and happy, but for most women, the new year also means “getting older,” making them more worried about the aging problem.

As a companion of women on their skincare journey, PPP understands that concern and is constantly researching to find advanced methods to improve their skin problems.

This January, PPP launches the New Year Bundle to bring you fresh and smooth skin so you can confidently shine in your beauty during the Tet holiday.


Complete Lift & Rejuvenation Bundle

In addition to the New Year Bundles of the PPP Signature Glow, PPP would like to give you more choices, so we continue to launch Bundles specializing in Complete Lift and Rejuvenation, divided into 6 packages:

• Pearl
• Jade
• Opal
• Diamond
• Ruby
• Sapphire

The PPP will advise the most suitable level bundle depending on each person’s skin and financial needs. Each bundle is thoroughly researched for optimal and long-lasting results, so you can feel free to choose.

These Bundles will help you recover aging problems such as wrinkles, dark spots, sagging and loose skin, etc., by advanced scientific methods with 3-No criteria. : Non-invasive, No pain, and No downtime. Your skin will quickly recover its youthful and smooth appearance.


Pearl Bundle – The most basic package includes 3 treatments

PPP presents you with the first and most basic package: Pearl.

The Pearl Package includes 3 treatments to help rejuvenate the face and eye area: 5D Skin Rejuvenation, Express Eye Revitalized, and Premium InstaGlow.

1/ 5D Skin Rejuvenation: This is a facial rejuvenation treatment through methods aimed at regenerating new cells and restoring healthy properties to the skin. It will help reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, give a youthful and bright appearance and improve facial contours.

5D Skin Rejuvenation works through the use of 4 different treatments, including:

– SLC: Restoring the fibroblasts and encouraging the production of collagen through resurfacing the skin brings a tightening effect and visibly refines the complexion.
– Calecim Professional Serum: The resurfacing effects of SLC are enhanced by the penetration of enriching proteins deep into the skin, producing anti-aging properties through the increased efficacy of cellular turnover.
– Anti-aging Bio Cellulose Mask: As well as a cocktail of nourishing ingredients, this second skin for the face also contains a high concentration of HA, increasing hydration and healthier skin.
– Dermalux LED: Living cells within the skin are influenced by the light energies they absorb to help develop their anti-aging and natural regenerating properties, boost circulation, and rid the skin of bacteria and inflammation.

Providing rejuvenating benefits:
• Stimulates collagen production
• Improves skin pigmentation, sagging skin, wrinkles
• Promotes skin cell health
• Creates a firming and rejuvenating effect on the skin
• Replenishes moisture and essential nutrients
• Removes bacteria and inflammation on the skin

2/ Express Eye Revitalized: A treatment specifically for the eye area, which delivers heat energy to the area of concern through a targeted approach to encourage the production of collagen and stimulate the fibroblasts for effective firming and improving the elasticity of the skin around the eyes.


3/ Premium InstaGlow: The treatment helps the skin effectively deal with problems of pimples, pores, pigmentation while enhancing the skin’s health and firmness from within. The treatment combines 4 phases:

Laser and Light Combination System: As a signature treatment of PPP, Laser and Light Combination System is the only standard procedure capable of providing bright, pink, clean, smooth, and tight skin.
– Calecim Professional Serum: The serum applied exclusive stem cell technology to a protein blend derived from two types of stem cells. Therefore, it can effectively work with every layer of the skin to rejuvenate and regenerate.
– Anti-aging Bio-Cellulose Mask: The mask can adhere to the skin like a second skin thanks to the Bio-Cellulose material. The combination of a nano-nutrient blend of Hyaluronic Acid, multivitamins, and anti-aging and skin-rejuvenating peptides penetrates quickly and deeply into the skin.
– Calecim Professional Pigment Solution: A unique solution for skin pigmentation problems. Customers can choose to use it at the clinic or at home to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment and reduce skin pigmentation.

Providing rejuvenating benefits:
• Cleanse the skin removes dirt deep inside the pores
• Solves acne and skin pigmentation problems
• Restores and regenerates cells
• Increases collagen production to fight aging and increase skin elasticity
• Instantly moisturizes, replenishes rejuvenating nutrients

Treat yourself to a new year’s gift of radiant and youthful skin. Contact PPP now for specific advice and choose the Bundle that best suits your skin!

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