Smooth and youthful skin is always our dream. However, when we pass middle age, the skin gradually loses its elasticity, the connective tissues weaken, and the collagen and elastin structure slowly loose.

The causes of aging

Aging is caused by both internal and external factors, including those that you might not expect:

• Age: The skin produces less collagen over time, and the metabolism slows down. Gradually, the skin structure is destroyed, the elastin fibers are broken, and the capillaries under the skin are weakened, leading to aging.
• Stress: Prolonged stress will increase the level of the hormone cortisol, which directly affects the skin and hair, causing the skin to sag and lose its vitality.
• Insufficient sleep: Our skin has the ability to regenerate itself at night, and skincare products will work more effectively thanks to blood circulation during sleep. So lack of sleep will cause the face to begin to appear with dark circles and wrinkles.
• Aging: Over time, the skin gradually loses two important proteins produced in the dermis, elastin and collagen, which play a role in maintaining skin elasticity and firmness.
• Sunlight: Ultraviolet rays are extremely dangerous for the skin. This radiation penetrates into the dermis – the deepest layer of the skin, destroying a large amount of collagen and accelerating aging.

To slow down the aging process, besides adjusting your lifestyle and skincare routine, you need to take intensive treatments to help regenerate your face and lift your sagging muscle tissue.


PPP Infinitive Lift – A superior solution for lifting and rejuvenating skin

PPP Infinitive Lift is a non-invasive beauty method, extremely safe compared to plastic surgery methods, but still brings the same effect and has many outstanding advantages. This is a treatment cherished and perfected by PPP after many improvements over the years.

PPP Infinitive Lift offers these great benefits:

• Performed by top Aestheticians in London, specializing in Lifting and Rejuvenating Skin.
• Using high-quality technology, manufactured and certified to European standards.
• Lift and reposition sagging facial tissues for a firm, youthful appearance without surgery.
• Stimulates the proliferation of new collagen, elastin, and HA to create new capillaries, build a firm support framework for the skin
• Less downtime than conventional plastic surgery
Bringing maximum lifting effect, rejuvenating, maintaining youthful look for up to 5 years


At PPP, we perform individual lifting and skin rejuvenation treatments for each client’s face and for 5 areas: lower face, eye area, nose area, cheek area, and neck area.

– Lift and Shape Lower Face: Contours and defines lower face and jawline to tighten jowls and saggy skin.
– Elevate Eyebrow and Rejuvenate Eye Area: Elevates and repositions brows to a more elevated optimal position and improves eyelid droop.
– Enhance and Define Nose Bridge and Nose Tip: Support for a more lifted and chiseled nose shape, giving it height and definition instantly.
– Erase Lines: Support tissues and comprehensively rejuvenate the face, especially for weakened areas such as nasolabial folds, nasojugal lines, and other wrinkles or sunken areas on your face.
– Lift and Firm Sagging Necks and Jawlines: Tightens the double chin and other loose skin around the neck area to give you a visibly tighter jaw and neckline


PPP is welcoming the top expert doctor from London

PPP is delighted to welcome London’s top expert doctor, Dr. Ragni Funner, who came to PPP Laser Clinic to train local doctors on a new treatment: PPP Infinitive Lift.

Dr. Ragni Funner has been performing non-surgical skin tightening procedures using bio-threads for many years. She has trained doctors, plastic surgeons, and dentists for 5 years in Europe. In addition, Dr. Ragni has been featured in many prestigious Scandinavian magazines such as Vogue, Elle, etc. This is the first time she has been in Asia to introduce my gentle and soft technique in the “PPP Infinitive Lift” treatment.

PPP is very honored for the precious opportunity to work with Dr. Ragni Funner. Her technique is a specialized secret to making the treatment safer but achieving natural aesthetic results and outstanding efficiency.

PPP is constantly learning and improving daily to bring our customers the best. It is certain that with the valuable experience of Dr. Ragni, It is certain that with the valuable experience from Dr. Ragni, PPP Infinitive Lift will be a perfect and absolutely safe choice to regenerate your youthful skin.

Please contact us for more specific advice about PPP Infinitive Lift!

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