4D-SSCL (Slim – Sculpt – Contour – Lift) and the more commonly known generic liposuction are contrasting in many different ways, whilst both having the same overall goal of reducing fat and making the customer more happy with their body.

These dissimilarities make for a one-sided argument on which is superior, but what are these differences? Why would 4D SSCL be considered a more refined practice, both for the customer and the practitioner? The information that follows should give clients a much easier time choosing the best option.

When compared with regular liposuction, the most beneficial factor to the customer is that 4D SSCL is NON-INVASIVE. This means that there is no need for any surgical incisions of any kind, resulting in a huge reassurance for the client in terms of both comfort and safety when the procedure is being carried out. If anaesthesia and going “under the knife” can be avoided, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be. 

The secret behind not needing invasive surgery for liposuction is that 4D SSCL uses a low ultrasound frequency to break down the fat cells in the body naturally, as opposed to needing to remove them completely. These ultrasound waves quite literally break down and dissolve fat cells, resulting in zero risk to the customer whilst reaping all the rewards. Additionally, this method is considered more sensual and enjoyable for the customer overall, due to the fact that it is actually quite relaxing, and gives a client-patient relationship rather than several surgeons having no communication with the customer throughout the procedure. 

As well as having the benefits in terms of surgical procedure, 4D SSCL is also considerably cheaper. As liposuction practices are time consuming and require a lot of staff, it is only natural that the cost will be high. However, as 4D SSCL only requires one practitioner and 4D SSCL device, it is an easy way to save money for a superior service. With so few disadvantages, it is a wonder anybody chooses an alternate method to this revolutionary tactic.

When comparing 4D SSCL to similar non-invasive techniques such as Laser Lipo and I-Lipo, it still comes out reigning supreme. This is because of the fact that after the use of Diode Lasers there is a need to re-metabolise the broken-down fat through immediate exercise, or else the entire process is a waste of time. This is not the case with 4D SSCL, as the fat cells are disintegrated and they do not merely change form. 

At PPP Laser Clinic, you can try a premium 4D SSCL service for an affordable price. In just 8 treatments you could have the perfect beach body that you have always wanted, and we also include our skin tightening service in the package, to make sure that any problems with cellulite or the appearance of excess skin can be easily avoided. 

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