In 2013, Doctor Goh Seng Heng founded PPP Laser Clinic. During those years, the brand has successfully built a one-of-a-kind reputation. Pioneer of the first laser skin treatment technology, PPP is proud to be Vietnam’s leading luxury brand in the beauty market.

Expanding in many big cities, such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang, it has quickly become a powerful clinic system, bringing the PPP brand to the pinnacle of medical aesthetics. With its successes in research and by developing the most advanced procedures, PPP Laser Clinic has met all beauty needs, from skin improvement and facial rejuvenation to body slimming.


Goh Seng Heng – The founder of PPP Laser Clinic

Dr Goh Seng Heng, famous doctor in Singapore and specialized in skin care, believes everyone has the right to own healthy and beautiful skin. With rich medical knowledge and in-depth skin health insight, Goh Seng Heng has set his goal on creating a new clinic that will revolutionize overall appearance improvement and rejuvenation. Thus, here is the reason for PPP Laser Clinic’s foundation.


On March 18, PPP Laser Clinic held a 10th-anniversary celebration. It was the opportunity to express deep gratitude to their beloved customers for trusting and supporting PPP for the past decade.

The companionship of 2 members of the Medical Board of International Advisors

PPP’s 10th-anniversary luxury party at Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel was delighted to welcome 2 of the most prestigious doctors from Europe.

Italian doctor Kostas Gritzalas, a crucial member of PPP’s Medical Board of International Advisors. He holds a Master’s degree in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine and possesses leading expertise in traditional and advanced facial, body, hair, and plastic surgery rejuvenation procedures.

Dr Kostas was one of the most world-renowned speakers at the International Congress of Dermatology and Anti-Aging with outstanding achievements such as:

  • The International Speaker Awards in America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia
  • Performing thousands of successful surgeries for VIP clients in Europe (Milan, Athens, London, Paris), the Middle East (Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar) and Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai)


Moreover, the presence of Italian doctor Elena Rossi was one of the party’s highlights. Being one of the critical members of PPP’s Medical Board of International Advisors, she is specialized in dermatology. The doctor has extensive surgical experience with more than 4500 operations, most of which focus on removing and reconstructing melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

Her objective is to offer natural beauty face for all, here are some of her notable achievements:

  • Since 2012, she has been an international lecturer and assistant professor at the European Academy of Dermatology.
  • From more than 20 countries to her credit, Dr Elena Rossi is also a clinical trainer and physician.
  • The doctor is collaborating with the Universities of Modena and Reggio Emilia and is the author of publications on cosmetic dermatology and dermatologic surgery.
  • Dr Elena Rossi is an expert in Plexr Soft Surgery and KOL for the brand. She has performed thousands of successful Plexr Soft Surgery Eye Lifts.

PPP is thankful for these two specialists’ great advice and support which have contributed to the success and solid development of PPP Laser Clinic.

In the near future, PPP will improve and develop other high-class services and bring more advanced treatments to Vietnam in order to help women and men to conquer their beauty journey.

Come to visit PPP Laser Clinic today and receive attractive offers for the 10th anniversary!

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