Last year 2021 is a challenging year for the corporate market in general. However, many businesses have overcome difficult, unpredictable circumstances and achieved impressive achievements.

Closing 2021, the SME100 Asia Awards 2021, voted by SME100 Magazine, has honored 32 brands in Vietnam with outstanding growth in 2021. SME Magazine is Asia’s leading magazine with a readership of more than 100,000 business owners and entrepreneurs across Asia each month. The SME100 Asia Awards is the region’s leading prestigious international award for small and medium-sized businesses and is an independent guarantee of excellence for outstanding companies throughout Asia.

SME100 Asia Awards 2021

PPP Laser Clinic Vietnam is one of the names that appeared on the winners’ list of the SME100 Asia Award in 2021. Founded by Dr. Goh Seng Heng in 2013 and rapidly expanding across Singapore, PPP Laser Clinic is a breakthrough in the medical aesthetic industry. The high-tech treatments at PPP Laser Clinic focus on solving skin problems such as Acne, Large Pores, Skin Pigmentation. With the high expertise and effectiveness of the treatment methods, the PPP Laser Clinic is increasingly popular and reaches out to countries worldwide, such as China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

PPP Laser Clinic started with a simple belief: Everyone deserves the look they desire and healthy, smooth, radiant skin. With that belief, PPP Laser Clinic has become a reliable and familiar companion for those who love beauty and want to improve their skin. Dr. Goh Seng Heng is the one who pioneered laser technology combined with light energy into skin treatments to help thoroughly solve common skin problems. This technology is a newly invented technology to recreate and revitalize the inherent contours of the face and body.

Beauty and self-care have been human needs for a long time. As the world becomes more developed, the demand for beauty care also increases and expands in many aspects. On the one hand, that development has made beauty options more prosperous, diverse, and accessible. On the other hand, users need to learn, consider carefully and get proper advice before using any beauty service.

Therefore, the success of PPP Laser Clinic in the Vietnam market is also due to the factor of grasping and understanding the need of customers, and at the same time, putting the safety of customers first. The high-tech treatments at PPP Laser Clinic are well known for being non-invasive, non-surgical, and no downtime. Moreover, specialized skincare products with exclusive formulas from experts combined with the treatments enhance the results of topical treatments and provide daily care in the home skincare routine. In addition, each customer coming to the brand will have doctors designing a bespoke treatment plan suitable for their skin condition or improvement needs.

Advanced treatments & Exclusive skincare products

Without a doubt, to make a brand successful, it is indispensable to have a professional, passionate, and synchronous team of skills and expertise. Behind PPP Laser Clinic are experienced doctors who graduated from medical universities, had professional training courses from Headquarters in Singapore, and obtained the necessary certifications to perform therapy with advanced laser technology. Best. At the same time, Dr. Goh Seng Heng personally trains and evaluates the entire team, giving advice and direct advice to the doctors when needed.

Premium services & professional team

The annual SME100 Asia Awards are recognized for small and medium-sized brands’ efforts, contributions, and successes. In the rapidly growing medical aesthetic field, PPP Laser Clinic, with long experience, proven reputation, solid technology foundation, will be a safe and effective beauty destination for those in need.

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