Many ask themselves why 3D SCL is considered the best fat reduction treatment in the UK at the moment.

It is perceived by some that a normal liposuction surgery yields better results. However, this is far from the truth, as 3D SCL is not only effective but it is a long-term solution rather than a “quick fix” to excess fat and overweightness.

The most influential factor when it comes to choosing between 3D SCL and other methods is the fact that the procedure requires no surgical tools, as it is non-invasive (does not require the penetration of the skin). This in itself holds many positives for customers. Firstly, the idea of going “under the knife” is an extremely daunting concept for most. It is both scary and has huge risks if something goes wrong. Furthermore, scarring of the outer layers of the skin is not ideal, as it is not visually appealing. 3D SCL is completely different in this regard, as ultrasound waves are used to eliminate fat cells when compared to sucking them out through a tube. 

The cost involved with a generic liposuction surgery is also considerably more than that of the several 3D SCL appointments that are needed. This is because a liposuction involves quite a few surgeons as well as the use of a general anaesthesia. 3D SCL, on the contrary, is a single therapist to client ratio, leading to a far more personal and relatable situation. This also leads to a more relaxing environment because the patient is conscious, and can receive reassuring advice from the practitioner involved. The staff at the PPP Laser Clinic are all extremely friendly and happy to help, and so there is no disadvantage to purchasing any of our treatments.

Whilst normal liposuction techniques are completely inferior in every way, there are similar practices to that of 3D SCL. For instance, Diode Laser fat reduction is non-invasive, relatively low cost and makes the experience much more enjoyable for clients. However, 3D SCL shines above this by offering the perk of needing absolutely no post-op exercise. The Diode Laser treatment merely breaks down fat into a more easily metabolised form, and rigorous exercise is needed for the body to process this fat. 3D SCL quite literally eliminates the fat cells that it breaks down, and so this is why it is currently considered the best fat reduction treatment out there. 

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