The Stemcell Power Glow Programme is a unique program from PPP, helping women improve their skin and restore healthy skin to shine confidently during Valentine’s Day. The nutrients in the treatment contain high-quality hyaluronic acid ingredients and a concentration of stem cell extracts to help skin smooth, bright, regenerate and enhance skin cell health. In addition, skincare products are formulated according to the doctor’s formula with outstanding whitening and antioxidant capabilities, accelerating the cell rejuvenation process and stimulating fibroblasts to help regain clean, smooth, white skin and fade dark spots. The process included in the program is as follows:

PPP Signature Glow
• Laser and Light Combination System (LLCS) + Stemcell Power
• PPP Brightening Silk Mask
Dermalux LED

Gaining healthy and beautiful skin is not difficult; contact PPP now for the advice!

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