Get your beauty sleep 

8 hours is the optimum amount of sleep we need every day – anything less and the body will begin to release Cortisol, a hormone that activates oil glands, resulting in oil skin and pimple breakouts. So make a routine of sleeping early every day to ensure you get 8 hours of sleep.

Do not stress Stress induces 

Cortisol, which is why you may find yourself breaking out when the pressure is on at home, work or school. Take frequent short breaks – your skin will thank you for it!. 

Freshen up 

Humidity can be uncomfortable for the body as well as the skin. Dense humidity makes it difficult for water to evaporate from the skin’s surface, leaving sweat to clog our pores. Keep wet wipes with you to freshen up during the day, especially if you live in a country with a humid climate. 

Stay cool 

Hot weather causes oil glands to swell, increasing the risk of pore blockage, which leads to inflammation and pimple formation. Avoid extended periods in excessively hot environments, such as hot yoga and sauna/steam rooms. 

Protect your skin 

High exposure to UV can damage skin cell DNA, increasing the risk of getting skin cancer. It also increases Melanin production in the Epidermis, causing the development of pigmentation to appear on the skin’s surface. Always use sunscreen with SPF10+, even on cloudy days, and avoid long durations in direct sunlight. 

Keep healthy inside and out 

Healthy looking skin is also effected by lifestyle choice. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet as well as keeping physically active on a regular basis can not only improve how you feel, but how the skin appears on the surface. 

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