Much has been said about the potential of stem cells in skincare.


Stem cells found in our body are responsible for its renewal and regeneration. As such, the idea of unlimited skin renewal can be infinitely appealing to consumers concerned with skin rejuvenation. However, stem cells are hard to come by, and they have mostly been reserved for medical purposes up till now. Thanks to its patented source, CALECIM Professional is able to harness stem cell science from umbilical cord lining extract. The result is a protein-rich active ingredient that is truly powered by stem cells, with the ability to influence matured skin to behave like young skin through the re-activation of cellular communication. 


PPP Laser Clinic’s PPP – CALECIM Anti-Aging System is designed to make the most of CALECIM Professional’s rejuvenating qualities. The facial starts with a gentle clean and a PPP Combo Laser to slough away dead skin cells. Once the skin is primed for absorption, CALECIM Professional Serum is applied, bathing skin in stem cell proteins that can boost skin’s natural renewal and regeneration process. Glycoproteins found in CALECIM can help improve cell metabolism while stem cell-derived collagen, albumin and fibronectins help keep skin plump. Hyaluronic acid, which is also naturally found in stem cell proteins, binds water so that skin restores its suppleness. 


After the treatment, skin radiance and hydration are instantly enhanced. Over the course of the next five weeks, optimal cellular renewal continues so that skin volume and firmness are gradually and visibly enhanced. 

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