When talking about the importance of skincare, we talk a lot about facial skincare but seem to forget the need to be taken care of the neck area. The truth is that neck skin suffers from many environmental influences, climate, weather, and living habits similar to facial skin and is even more prone to aging.

Therefore, you need to take care properly both facial skin and neck skin. And this task is not as separated and complicated as you think. Our experts at PPP bring to you our brand new way to take care of the two essential areas: Premium Face Rejuvenation/Premium Neck Rejuvenation. This new method will tackle directly to prevent the aging signs and rejuvenate your skin, improve the skin structure, smooth out wrinkles, treat pigmentation issues effectively.

Consisting of 04 steps in the skincare routine, Premium Facial Rejuvenation/Premium Neck Rejuvenation will be a combination skincare method that is effective, quick, simple, and flexible. Let’s discover the outstanding capability of this new skincare method with us!

Smooth Lifting Complete (SLC)

SLC is a unique technique that combines three separate laser steps in one cosmetic procedure, helping reverse the skin aging process.

It is a non-invasive, non-surgical laser treatment that targets multiple layers of the skin from the epidermis to the dermis, responding rigorously in terms of accuracy, speed, and effectiveness. It corresponds to different depths of skin structure, hitting the aging skin, stimulating new collagen production with 03 separate treatment steps of Smooth Lifting, including FRAC3, PIANO, UltraLightPeel . And at the same time, tightening the skin surface to help the skin stretch pink, radiant pink, bringing perfection to your skin.

The laser steps in Smooth Lifting effectively combine the extraordinary PIANO step to safely and quickly heat to produce a tightening effect of collagen fibers that tighten the skin while stimulating new collagen. From there, it restores sagging skin, impacts the grooves/wrinkles, create an instant pink and smooth effect.

Laser & Light Combination System Plus (LLCS plus)

Pioneer in the Vietnam aesthetic industry, Laser & Light Combination System (LLCS) is the ”signature treatment” of PPP.


The procedure uses energy from laser and light to deep clean dirt, cosmetics, and dead cells on the skin, thereby helping to shrink pores. The treatment also stimulates collagen production and rebuilds the subcutaneous structure.

In addition, in this step, the treatment also incorporates a new generation of Oxygenation to increase circulation and kill bacteria that cause acne. Your skin will become bright, radiant and smooth right after the first session.

The treatment efficiently treats Pores, Pigmentation, and Pimples skin issues.

Lift and Rejuvenation Serum

Lift & Rejuvenation Serum exclusive at PPP is used in Premium Face & Neck Rejuvenation.


The serum contains outstanding skin-rejuvenating ingredients, including peptides that help produce collagen, effectively anti-wrinkle. Antioxidants help reduce the effects of aging, brighten skin, and fade pigmentation. Hyaluronic acid provides optimal moisture, maintains plumpness, smoothness for the skin.

Lift and rejuvenation Serum is a nutrient that can smooth wrinkles and help improve skin firmness if used regularly with technology procedures.

Post-laser Facial Mask


This treatment will finish with our Post-laser Facial mask as the last step. As a PPP Laser Clinic’s signature product only available at PPP, the Post-laser facial Mask will be an innovative way to take care of your skin, thanks to:

• High concentration of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and nutrients extracted from Algae with Nanostructure to help penetrate deeply through each cell layer, moisturizing and creating a glossy, soft, and smooth skin effect.
• Leaves a feeling of freshness: Non-greasy does not clog pores, feels light and comfortable.
• Suitable for all skin types: Soothes dry and sensitive skin after laser treatment. Combined with collagen and elastin fibers will maintain youthfulness and plumpness, help improve the structure, increase firmness and elasticity of the skin.
• No chemicals, no fragrance: The mask is made according to a cosmetic formula, no fragrance, no chemicals, no skin irritation after the treatment process, and daily skincare at home.

Your skin deserves nothing but the best! With Premium face Rejuvenation/Premium neck rejuvenation, both facial and neck skin will be taken care of and nourished from deep inside so your skin will be healthy enough to face external challenges. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get to know more about the brand new skincare product and experience firsthand!

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