The effects of daily life and the ageing process can often leave the eyes looking tired, developing lines and wrinkles or conditions such as: dark circles and puffiness. PPP Laser Clinic offers a range of rejuvenating laser treatments, with Premium Express Eye Revitalisation being one that is particularly beneficial for this area of the face.

Another of PPP’s exclusive in-house products, Anti-ageing Bio-cellulose Eye Mask is made from materials that merge with the skin, for a truly comfortable fit.
It contains a combination of soothing ingredients, beneficial for revitalising tired skin and enhancing anti-ageing effects. Hyaluronic acid, multi-vitamins and collagen enable this powerful infusion to absorb into the skin, adding volume to the tissue around the eyes for a youthful and revitalised look.

An exclusive post-treatment product that compliments and enhances the results produced from PPP’s range of rejuvenating laser treatments, Anti-ageing Bio-cellular Eye Mask can be applied both in the clinic and at home. Benefits include:

  • Reducing the appearance of crow’s feet and other fine lines
    Reducing the appearance of dark circles
    Delivering a higher level of hydration to the skin
    Improving the appearance of puffy eyes
    Reducing the effects of fatigue on the eyes


Am I suitable for Anti-ageing Bio-cellular Eye Mask?
If you feel that fatigue is affecting the appearance of your eyes, then you may benefit from applying this product. This product can also be recommended if you are experiencing dark circles, lines and wrinkles and eye bags, as a result from the ageing process. Your expert Doctor will be able to determine your suitability, when a thorough assessment is conducted at a pre-treatment consultation.

Is Anti-ageing Bio-cellular Eye Mask a safe product?
This product has been specially formulated to be sensitive enough for use around the eyes, a delicate feature that requires extra care. All ingredients are natural and medical approval of the actual product will ensure it is safe to use.

What treatments can precede Anti-ageing Bio-cellulose Eye Mask?
PPP Laser Clinic offers Premium Express Eye Revitalisation as a specialised treatment created just for rejuvenation of the eyes. However, this product may be compatible as a post-treatment procedure for many of the other treatments they have available. Please check the menu for more information.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with Anti-ageing Bio-cellular Eye Mask?
This product is considered to be very safe, with very low risk of developing any adverse effects as a result. It is advisable to inform your expert Doctor of any allergies you may have and they will ensure you are fully informed regarding any associated risks.

Is it easy to apply Anti-ageing Bio-cellular Eye Mask?
If you wish to use this product at home, as part of a regular skincare routine, you will find applying the mask is very easy. Instructions are available on the packaging and you can find a demonstrative video available on the website.