It’s the start of another new year, and on 1st February 2022 we enter the Lunar year of the Tiger. The Tiger symbolises strength, courage and bravery, things we have all had to find during the global pandemic so it’s a fortuitous sign, indeed.

Those born in the year of the tiger are said to be full of vigour and ambition – the bravest of all, and daring to the end with a desire to succeed. Over the last couple of years you could say that, whether or not this is your own zodiac sign, we’ve all had to find our ‘inner tiger’, doing everything that’s necessary to make it through this most extraordinary of times. However as the pandemic turns into an endemic, like this most majestic creature, we’ll all be starting this year as we mean to proceed, prowling fearlessly on.


Due to the effects of covid on our global nation, this festive period may mean celebrating slightly differently than in years gone by. Most often, Lunar New Year will begin with a feast on New Year’s Eve at which time the family will be served a lavish meal to encourage prosperity in the coming year. Families will gather for the feast, and stay awake throughout the night letting off fireworks to help banish evil as well as adults providing children with red envelopes containing money, so they too can avoid evil and enjoy good health.

There are other traditions that are looked to during Lunar New Year, and they include the use of lucky numbers and colours. The colours which are said to be lucky during 2022 are blue and green, and the numbers 1,3 and 7 are said to bring good fortune this year.


And like many of PPP’s patients, a celebration wouldn’t be a celebration if we didn’t look our very best. Refreshing your appearance can easily be achieved by undergoing one of our many rejuvenating treatments for the face and skin. Although it’s one of your lucky colours this year, ‘Express Skin Rejuvenation’, ‘Skin Cell Renewal’ and ‘5D Skin Rejuvenation’ won’t leave you feeling blue, and if you’re expecting guests, your appearance will make them feel green with envy.

So in preparation for the up-coming event, while you’re decorating the house and planning a feast to end all feasts, don’t forget about you. Contact PPP so that you too, will be at your very best.

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