When upgrading the skin with the Express Glow & Brightening Programme, the skin will be significantly restored and brightened. Stubborn skin problems such as large pores, acne, freckles, melasma, and skin pigmentation will be treated with unique, modern, safe, and painless standard parameters. In addition, the treatment affects the development of regenerative and anti-aging properties of the skin thanks to the energy generated by light. As a result, new cells will be regenerated, and minimized problems such as fine lines and wrinkles, dry, dull skin, skin pigmentation problems, and loose and sagging skin… The program includes the following treatments:

PPP Signature Glow
• Laser and Light Combination System (LLCS) + Skin Repairing and Brightening (SRB)
• PPP Brightening Silk Mask
Dermalux LED

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