A woman is at her peak of original beauty when she is both mature with experience and yet still illuminates with youthful-looking skin.

Achieving the pinnacle of which has been the ultimate goal of women for generations. Understanding the aging causes, mechanisms and possible solutions is the key to ageless skin.

In oriental belief, it is said that a woman’s original beauty, just like nature, follows the flow of time: blooming spring, dazzling summer, elegant autumn, and old-but-gold winter. The desire to achieve the peak of it, when a woman is both mature with experience and yet illuminates with youthful-looking skin, has always been the quest. That goal is even more significant in this day and age, when looking fresh and radiant is no longer just vanity but also professional necessity. Understanding the aging causes, mechanisms, and solutions is the key to ageless skin.

Unexpected causes of aging

There are, in fact, many causes of aging, in which aging is separated into 2 distinct types: Intrinsic (internal) and Extrinsic (external).

Intrinsic Aging

Intrinsic Aging is caused by genetics, which is a natural and inevitable process. This process varies from one person to another. It happens when free-radicals are destroyed and our bodies cannot fix them completely.

Intrinsic aging is a continuous process, usually starting after the age of 20 and most evident after the age of 30. For example, the production of collagen and elastin after the age of 20 begins to slow down. Skin cell turnover tends to be longer, resulting in rough and uneven skin tone.

The genes we inherit define our types of skin (normal, dry, oil or combination skin) and will as well decide your biological age. In some cases, the change in your hormone can lead to some skin problems such as acnes, hyperpigmentation, etc.

Extrinsic Aging

Under the impact of external environmental factors, the internal aging process is accelerated, so that natural aging comes earlier. However, these external factors are preventable.

The Sun: sun exposure has one of the strongest impacts on the aging process. Sunlight produces UVA and UVB. Ultraviolet A (UVA) has a longer wavelength, being able to go to dermis layers and breakdown collagen, elastin and axit hyaluronic. Ultraviolet B (UVB) has a shorter wavelength and is associated with skin burning and hyperpigmentation.

“80% reasons of skin aging comes from external factors”

Pollution: When exposed to a polluted environment, the skin will release harmful free radicals and accelerate the aging process. Especially in a smoky environment, smoke can damage important skin components like collagen and elastin, causing permanent wrinkles by narrowing blood vessels in the outer layers of the skin. Smoke can also cause blood circulation failure, and because of which, the amount of oxygen and nutrients provide to the skin decreases.

Bad skincare routine (or none): no sun block, lack of deep makeup removal, moisturizer, etc can harm skin’s natural protection, form wrinkles, lines and hyperpigmentation.

With both internal and external causes, slowing down the aging process is not easy work, but not impossible. Find out some of the most effective solutions below!

Non-invasive Laser Technology

Even with a complete skincare routine, aging signs can still appear due to many causes e.g. gravity, genetics, pollution, etc. That’s why many women choose non-invasive laser technology with the effect of repairing collagen structure and stimulating new collagen production. The result of this generates skin rejuvenation from cell level.

In the field of non-invasive laser technology in Vietnam, PPP Laser Clinic by Dr. Goh Seng Heng is the No.1 choice for Laser and Lightning combination treatments. PPP Laser Clinic provides anti-aging treatments with UK technologies and done by professional doctors

Smooth Lifting Complete is one of the most popular treatments in PPP Laser Clinic with its ability to solve all aging signs. The result can be seen immediately after the procedure and lasts for 2-3 years (a single touch up every 9 months will restore its effectiveness). Smooth Lifting Complete is known as the anti-aging secret of many celebrities. Besides, this technology can charge cell energy up to 500%, giving your skin a boost to avoid external factors. Your skin is vibrant for a long time after the treatment. With Smooth Lifting Complete, it’s never too late to start fighting aging!

A complete skincare routine

Aging signs don’t just appear as a “surprise gift” on your 30th birthday. Although the skin aging process is different for everybody, you’re most likely to see its signs from the age of 25 onward. A daily skincare routine to make up for the deficient factors of your skin is the most brilliant anti-aging work.

“It’s never too early to start your anti-aging journey,
even if you are in your beautiful 20s.”

After the age of 20, the ability to self-repair and to regenerate of the skin begins to decline. Therefore, from this age forward, a complete skincare routine with serums, lotions, sleeping masks and anti-aging sheet masks is essential to ensure the regular 28-30 day skin cycle.

In high-end anti-aging skincare routines, stem cells are an essential ingredient, thanks to its ability to shorten the skin cycle and provide nutrients from deep within. CALECIM Professional is extracted from umbilical cord stem cells and growth factors, which create perfect skin rejuvenation media. Calecim Professional is clinically proven and patented worldwide.

In addition to a complete and scientific skincare routine, mask sheets are also essential to quickly restore the skin’s nutrients, such as after a business trip, travel or a long working day. Paper masks have the ability to quickly provide nutrients to the skin thanks to its being soaked in concentrated essence and face hugging structure. There are currently many materials used to make sheet masks, such as nonwoven, cotton, hydrogel, bio-cellulose, foil, etc. Among them, bio-cellulose is the most optimal yet expensive material. Youth Revealed Bio-Cellulose Mask is a top-choice mask in high-end skincare lines made from this ingredient. It is exclusively formulated with H.A, Multivitamins, Peptides, Collagen for PPP Clinic by doctors at Singapore Lasers & Skincare to use post-laser and as a part of daily skincare routine.

CALECIM Professional Products and Bio-Cellulose Youth Revealed masks are currently exclusively distributed by PPP Laser Clinic.

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