The journey of nurturing and discovering the beauty within yourself is always full of exciting things, opportunities mixed with challenges. We, the beauty lovers at PPP, look forward to accompanying you on that journey to take care of and enhance your beauty wishes step by step.

On International Women’s Day, March 8, PPP presents two premium facial treatments to you: Signature Instant Glow and Instant Collagen Booster which have a special discount this month.

These treatments applied advanced technology combine high-end skincare products to enhance and double the skin’s effectiveness.

Let’s discover here now!


Laser & Light Combination System (LLCS)

Pioneer in the Vietnam aesthetic industry, Laser & Light Combination System is the ”signature treatment” of PPP. It is the only protocol to bring you Clear, Glow, Radiant, and Smooth skin without any complication or downtime. The treatment efficiently treats pores, pigmentation, and pimples skin issues.

The Laser & Light Combination System delivers both laser and light energy to effectively improve one or more areas, producing various benefits. The treatment is non-invasive, totally safe, and has practical results without complications or downtime.

The Laser & Light Combination System delivers both laser and light energy to effectively improve one or more areas, producing various benefits.

• Solve acne by regulating the amount of oil on the skin and killing bacteria under laser treatment.
• Solve the problem of skin pigmentation and limit the production of dark pigmentation.
• Stimulates collagen production and rebuilds the subcutaneous structure. This process works to reduce wrinkles, reduce scars left by acne.
• Instantly clean dust, cosmetics, dead cells, kill bacteria that cause skin problems.
• Shrink pores and make the skin surface bright and smooth through the mechanism of collagen production.


Post-Laser Facial Mask (HA mask)

Post-Laser Facial Mask has a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which can retain water 1,000 times more than its molecular weight. HA binds water molecules together and lubricates moving parts such as muscles and joints with greasy and viscous properties. About 50% of the body’s HA concentrates in the collagen area belongs to the dermis layer of the skin; HA acts as the primary source of nutrients to nourish the collagen membrane. Thanks to HA, the collagen fibers are taken care of, helping the skin increase elasticity minimizing wrinkles.

• Soothe and heal dry and sensitive skin after laser, improve skin texture, and enhance firmness and elasticity.
• Combine collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis to improve skin firmness and elasticity.
• Help to improve the melasma condition when combined with laser treatment.
• Maintain skin youthfulness and plumping, prevent wrinkles, minimalized eyelid puffiness.


Calecim Professional Serum

CALECIM Professional Serum is a breakthrough in post-laser skincare technology and a daily home routine formulated for post-laser use. It is formulated exclusively by doctors at PPP and helps your skin achieve radiant beauty.

• 80% formulated from stem cells, nutrients quickly penetrate deep into the skin, restore and regenerate skin cells, and enhance treatments’ effectiveness.
• Enhances the production of new cells and the health of skin cells, creating a skin tightening and rejuvenating effect.
• Protein extracted from stem cells can increase collagen production and enhance skin elasticity.
• Improve skin pigmentation and uneven color.

Every woman deserves to be loved, cherished, and shined with unique beauty. Give yourself a chance and find what you’re looking for at PPP with these two premium treatments!

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