There was once a doctor in Singapore called Dr. Goh Seng Heng, who had a vision. He had a special interest in caring for the skin and maintained a thought that everyone had the right to own a fantastic complexion.

With a wealth of medical knowledge and an understanding for the health and wellness of the skin, the doctor set about creating a revolutionary clinic that could help to enhance and transform the appearance for many people.


PPP Laser Clinic was destined to be innovative and unique. Taking the key elements of common skin complaints and putting them into three main categories: pores, pimples and pigmentation, Dr. Goh Seng Heng was able to begin developing a range of treatments that work to improve the overall tone and texture of the skin. Along with a team of dedicated experts, these treatments needed to be distinctive and set them apart from other aesthetic clinics. Safety, efficiency and satisfaction needed to be at the heart of this clinic’s provision, recognising that individual people have individual concerns that require a bespoke outcome. Characteristics that a laser procedure can provide.

PPP Laser Clinic was a huge success and earned itself an enviable reputation, leading to the expansion of the business to become a chain of practices that quickly established itself as a revered aesthetic brand. The strong foundations of this establishment have enabled PPP Laser Clinic to cater for more than just the skin, researching and further developing their treatments to address a wide range of conditions that include the face and body. Rebranding to become simply PPP, a visit to one of their clinic’s can now enable a top-to-toe rejuvenation of the entire body. 

The people behind PPP ensure that specialist doctors take care of their own area, applying their expertise to help create a version of their patient that brings out their very best attributes. This method of service enables PPP to stand out from other clinics as the very best of care is presented to all that visit. Not only are treatments executed by an expert medical hand, the advice and recommendations that are given, are with clinical knowledge in mind. 

An aspect of the clinic’s provision from which is a big part of its success, is the realisation of the benefits available from a combination of procedures. PPP has cleverly created a system of processes that can truly be customised to suit each patient and their needs. Whilst each of their individual procedures can be performed singularly, when they are teamed with others, they can produce an outcome that is spectacular. PPP has made these procedures signature to their brand, owning this exclusive methodology and approach to aesthetic fulfilment.

So much of this story has already been told, however there is no ending to this fabulous tale just yet, as PPP continues to thrive and flourish – having recently rebranded, redesigned their clinics and modernised their website and logo. The future is bright for PPP and continuing their innovative work and commitment to the world of aesthetics may produce many more chapters in this epic saga. 

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