Shockwave therapy is an FDA approved advanced body treatment technology.

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Shockwave is a treatment that is effective at removing stubborn areas of fat from a variety of places on the body. The outcome is more successful on people whose weight is close to their ideal. This treatment is not an intended substitute for following a healthy lifestyle and a method of losing significant amounts of weight.

This treatment has NICEguidance and FDA approval, deeming it a safe method of fat reduction from the body. When performed by trained professionals the procedure has a low risk rate and is more likely to produce a successful end result. PPP has a team of expert doctors who are highly skilled and trained, with a wealth of medical knowledge and understanding for treatments of this nature.

Shockwave is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that produces very little discomfort for the patient. During the treatment it is common for small pulses to be felt on the skin. This may cause some slight discomfort but it should not be painful. This should also only last for a few minutes, making it a tolerable sensation.

It is common for patients to experience some mild swelling, bruising and redness at the site of treatment. In some cases the patient also feels a tingling sensation or numbness to the skin. These effects have usually subsided within a period of 24 hours, however for some patients, a day or two may need to be allowed.

As a non-surgical procedure, expected downtime is minimal. If sensitivity takes a couple of days to settle then patients may also prefer to stay at home for a couple of days too. In most cases it is normal for patients to resume their normal routine within 24 hours.

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Jennifer Roundall

Jennifer Roundall

"PPP Laser Clinics has changed my life. I suffered with terrible acne for many years, and through a bespoke treatment plan combined with ongoing skincare at home, the improvement in my skin is incredible. This really is a team of true experts.”

Lucy Stansfield

Lucy Stansfield

“The Doctors at PPP really care. Not just about the result, but about the experience. I have visited many different skin specialists to help with my concerns, and PPP are the only ones who have managed to help me. Not only is my skin now clear, I also feel so much better about myself. My confidence has improved and I feel emotionally so much better, too”

News from the clinic.

News from the clinic.

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26th August 2020

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