Laser Sculpt is a breakthrough in fast and effective fat reduction and body contouring combined.

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Your suitability for Laser Sculpt will be determined after a thorough pre-treatment consultation with one of PPP’s expert doctors. If excess, stubborn fat is affecting your emotional well-being, it may be beneficial to undergo a body contouring treatment such as LaserSculpt.

This treatment has an excellent success rate for many patients and is popular with aesthetic clinics, worldwide. The treatment, like HIFU, is FDA approved as a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure.

There may be some skin sensitivity experienced after the procedure, which may cause a mild degree of discomfort. As with other treatments of this nature, cool packs can be applied to the treatment area, both during and after the procedure to help soothe the skin.

Immediately after the procedure it is normal for the patient to experience some redness of the skin, along with a feeling of sunburn and some mild swelling. This will often have settled within 24 hours and the treated area will feel more comfortable. During a thorough consultation, prior to the treatment, the full details of the procedure will be explained including any complications that may arise.

Most patients will be able to resume their normal activities very quickly after the procedure. However, others may feel they need to take it easy while the sensitivity is easing.

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Jennifer Roundall

Jennifer Roundall

"PPP Laser Clinics has changed my life. I suffered with terrible acne for many years, and through a bespoke treatment plan combined with ongoing skincare at home, the improvement in my skin is incredible. This really is a team of true experts.”

Lucy Stansfield

Lucy Stansfield

“The Doctors at PPP really care. Not just about the result, but about the experience. I have visited many different skin specialists to help with my concerns, and PPP are the only ones who have managed to help me. Not only is my skin now clear, I also feel so much better about myself. My confidence has improved and I feel emotionally so much better, too”

News from the clinic.

News from the clinic.

Ageing skin

A woman is at her peak of original beauty when she is both mature with experience and yet still illuminates with youthful-looking skin.

26th August 2020

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