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Are you ready to begin your first treatment with us?

We’d like to welcome you to the PPP family and provide you with a few tips to guide you on your journey to and naturally beautiful skin. Experience our advanced Laser & Light technology with our selection of introductory treatments before buying a package.

PPP Clinic Trải nghiệm
PPP Clinic Trải nghiệm

Putting Your Safety First

As a medical organization, the safety of our patients is always our first priority. All PPP treatments are performed using a safety protocol developed and refined by Dr. Goh Seng Heng since 1992 and are administered by medical doctors that are regularly trained and audited.

PPP Clinic Trải nghiệm


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Step 1: An Aesthetic Consultant will help you pre-cleanse your face.

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Step 2: Our friendly doctors will diagnose your skin conditions and proceed with the treatment dosage that suits you.

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Step 3: A final round of cleanup, an application of sunblock and moisturizer which developed by Dr. Goh Seng Heng. Off you go!

Treatments at PPP