PPP Laser Clinic

Payment Policy

PPP Laser Clinic’s Payment Method


Review and confirm the payment

https://ppp.com.vn has a mechanism that allows customers to review, add, modify and confirm transaction content before using the online ordering function to send requests for payment. This mechanism of review and confirmation has met the following conditions:

Show customers the following information:

  • Name of goods or service, quantity, brand name and price;
  • Method and deadline of delivery or service provision;
  • Total value of the contract and details related to the payment method selected by the customer.
  • This information is printable and can be stored on the customer’s information system and ready to be displayed later.
  • Show customers information on how to reply to accept the offer to enter into a contract and the deadline for replying to the offer to enter into a contract through the hotline contact confirmation. After checking the above information, customers can either choose to cancel the transaction or confirm the proposal to enter into a contract through the website or hotline with information on general transaction conditions.
  • https://ppp.com.vn has a mechanism for customers to read and express their own consent to general transaction conditions before submitting a request for a payment contract.

General trading conditions include:

Refund policy, including the deadline for the refund, the method of returning or exchanging purchased goods, how the money will be recovered, the cost of the refund (publicly available on the website); Product warranty policy (publicly announced on the website); Service standards, service delivery procedures, fees and other terms related to the provision of the service, including conditions and limitations (if any) (publicly available on the website); Obligations of the seller and obligations of customers in each transaction (publicly disclosed on the website);

Information about payment methods

PPP Laser Clinic has published all payment methods applicable to goods so that customers can understand and choose the appropriate payment method in the Payment and Shipping Policy section.

https://ppp.com.vn has established a mechanism for customers using the online payment function to review and confirm detailed information about each payment transaction before making the payment.

PPP Laser Clinic ensures the safety and confidentiality of customers’ payment transactions, handles claims and compensates for damages in case the customer’s payment information via website https://ppp.com.vn is illegally changed, deleted, copied, disclosed, moved or otherwise be appropriated, causing damage to customers.


Payment method on delivery (Cash On Delivery)

  • Payment method on receipt is applicable to orders delivered nationwide. For details see: https://ppp.com.vn/faqs
  • Customers can order via website: http://ppp.com.vn or via hotline: 1800 6220. Our staff will call to confirm with customers about the product and shipping method.
  • You are responsible for paying the full value of the order to the delivery staff immediately after completing the goods inspection and receiving the invoice.

Payment method in advance

  • Payment via bank transfer before receiving goods is also applicable to orders nationwide. Customers transfer money to the bank account of PPP Laser Clinic.
  • PPP Laser Clinic is currently affiliated with banks in Vietnam to implement Online Payment. In the future, the cards to be applied for this method include: International Card (Mastercard / Visa) and Domestic ATM Card registered to use Internet Banking or VNPAY.
  • Customers can order through the website: http://ppp.com.vn or via Hotline: 1800 6220. Our staff will call to confirm with customers about the product and shipping method.

Steps for money transfer

  • For details see: https://ppp.com.vn/faqs
  • Immediately after receiving the confirmation from the bank, PPP Laser Clinic will notify the customer and deliver the goods to you.

*** PPP Laser Clinic will not be responsible for errors in the transfer process or incorrect transfer information. You must work directly with the bank to resolve the above error.