PPP Laser Clinic

Exchange Policy

Exchange Policy

What is the return and refund policy of PPP Laser Clinic?

PPP Laser Clinic encourages customers to check the status of products before making payment to ensure that we delivered the right goods in terms of type, quantity without being defective or damaged. When you sign the receipt of home delivery, it means that the product you received at that time does not have any problems. We will not resolve any customer complaints afterwards.

Regulations on exchanging:

You can exchange the goods if the item was defective in transit or we delivered the wrong item. However, you cannot exchange goods if you have opened the product’s stamp/box/packaging to test the product.

Before placing an order, we recommend that you review the product and price information carefully before completing an order. Once your order is placed on PPP Laser Clinic website, it will be shipped out immediately and cannot be changed, thank you!