The everyday foods with AMAZING beauty benefits, including cheese for long glossy hair and YOGHURT to stop wrinkles

It wouldn't be a stretch to assume that the secret to beautiful hair and nails is to visit the salon regularly. But experts have revealed that you can eat yourself beautiful if you include certain foods in your diet.

How to banish cellulite for GOOD just by avoiding certain foods (and eating the right ones)

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3D Sculpting & Contouring Treatment (3D SCL) vs. Liposuction: Which is superior?

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Revealed: Why vitamin K is the anti-ageing supplement you NEED to take and the 6 signs you're not getting enough

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Spa Awards 2018 Best Cosmeceutical Facial: PPP - CALECIM® Anti - Aging System

Much has been said about the potential of stem cells in skincare. Stem cells found in our body are responsible for its renewal and regeneration. As such, the idea of unlimited skin renewal can be infinitely appealing to consumers concerned with skin rejuvenation.